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MPC Samples Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Since we began selling MPC related products in 2002, we've received a lot of very positive feedback from our customers and the MPC community as a whole, as well as endorsement from established hip hop producers including Earle Holder (mastering engineer, Public Enemy) and J Rawls (Black Starr, Mos Def) .

Ebook/Tutorial Testimonials are without a doubt one of the best 'go to' sites for producers. I highly recommend them! Earle Holder, Mastering Engineer, Public Enemy
(Beatmaking on the MPC) is a guide that shows you how to be creative with something rather than just how the buttons work. It’s thoughtfully structured and written in concise yet authoritative language - it covers an awful lot of ground, so there’s plenty here for users of all levels, from beginners to experts. If you don’t own this, you’re probably not getting the most out of your MPC! Excerpt From MusicTech Magazine Review of 'Beatmaking on the MPC...', Issue 64 (Choice Award Winner, 8/10)
I thought I knew everything there was to know about my MPC - I was wrong! ‘Beat Making on the MPC...’ took my understanding of the MPC to a new level. R.A.W.L.I (Raz-B, Excel, Bone Thugs...)
These tutorials are FANTASTIC - so amazingly detailed. They help you make sense of the MPC in no time. Matt Bean Senior Editor, Rodale Publishing
I have been having huge difficulties mixing my tunes, relying mainly on guesswork and trial and error. I cannot afford a training course, so I have looked at a lot of books but I have yet to find one on production that covers what I want to know. And so it has been a wonderful revelation to find your tutorials in the Production Suite. I love your clear and easy to read writing style and the fact that you have thoroughly covered all the subjects I have desperately needed help with. This book will help me vastly improve my tunes without having to tear my hair out over production nightmares! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge." Fran Tirimo, London UK
Thank you for the Beatmaking on the MPC tutorial. I bought it last week and it's been really helpful. It's answered many of the questions I've had and it's really nice having the sounds to demonstrate the techniques. Rob Fitzgerald, USA
The tutorial is a new learning experience and it's fun, it helps to sharpen the already known skills and attitude in working this machine. I must certainly say that MPC-Tutor has put in blood ,sweat ,and tears into this book! Great job, Tutor! DJ-T, USA 
I applied some of the beat making techniques from your (Beat Production Bible) ebook in our recording session today - thank you for a true blue product, we've created our best beat to date. It's refreshing to get some clear, down to earth, instruction to navigate my way through the beat production process. Keep up the good work!" Marc Blanchard, Signature Sound
man i love this book... I have been using a Mpc since 1999, but there was so much i didnt know... So when i purchased the Mpc-500 and then brought the Mpc -500 E-book by Mpc Tutor, My Eyes Got Opened Big Time...I Recommend It To Everybody Who Has An Mpc-500" Scorsese718, community member
It's a great ebook! GO BUY IT!!!" Phil S,
I think the (Beat Making on the MPC) book is the best thing available for learning the mpc and i am a big fan of it. I know that writing a book like this is a mammoth task – I  appreciate all the work you have put into it. Mark Mclean, UK
It’s quite simply marvelous. The user manual is odd to say the least… your ebook is EXACTLY what I need… I keep discovering wonderful things I can do…following the tutorials (not always in order though!). Thanks so much for such a useful, essential tool. Worth every penny. Jonathan Duffy, USA
I purchased the Ebook 3 days ago.  It's worth the price.  Good job! Yoon Sungho (Funky4U), Korea
Really, a nice tutorial, a lot of work have been made ! Easy to read, especially for people like me, who doesn’t use English as their primary language.  Concepts are well explained. A must have for newbies like myself. Chilom, France 
Copped it - a great piece of work, well worth the money. Much props Tutor, clearly a deal of hard work went in to this. Earwolf, UK 
Yesterday I was as excited as hell get my MPC. And Yes! I got it. Set it up. Looked at it...looked at it. Now what do I do? I figured I could sit here and try and work it out with the manual. Or pay to get instant tuition, so that is what I did. I purchased your ebook yesterday and within 3-4 Hours I was making music. I don’t have a musical background really other than using a bit of software here and there, so your book worked a treat. Thanks very Much. I recommend it to anyone.” D. Benson , Taranaki , New Zealand
I must commend you on your efforts. Easy to understand tutorials and great exercises. Simply stunning! It is really helping me get my head around things. Thank you for all your selfless teachings." Adrian Thomas
I picked up your production pack and mpc2500 guides, great stuff. Thanks for taking your time and effort to produce these manuals, some serious efforts." Gert Frobe, Four20
The Art of Drum Layering is definitely a good tutorial. It's concentred around differents technique of drum layering but it also give you a map to know what will layer with what." Debergue Olivier, French Guiana
I've got both the MPC1000 tutorial book and the 'Production Suite'. I like them both a great deal. I have learned a tremendous amount about production and I am only halfway through them!" John Raven, Happy Valley, USA
Yeah, copped the 2500 e-book and was so impressed with it i had to get the 'Production Suite', which by the way was a steal." Kevin Denton, Oakland, USA
I own 'the production suite' and have nothing but great things to say about that book - it opens your eyes to a whole new level of seeing and preceiving things like eq , reverb and pan positions. I try to buy 1 new book on audio a month to read, and everything from this guy has been great reading." Jason Rodgers, Sonic Labs Audio, Sugarland, USA
The 'Art of Drum Layering' book is great. Everything is really easy to understand. Nice and simple." Bryan Medina, Mammouth Lakes, USA

Samplepack Testimonials

Aw man, these sounds are HOT... does this mean you get co-production credits on my new beats?!!! J Rawls, Hip Hop Producer (Black Starr, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Liquid Crystal Project...) 
Our production company has now decided that all our sounds will be coming from this one site. Your top quality products and exemplary service has meant we only need to have one site bookmarked. Thank you. J.Pander. Chicago, USA
Thanks for an awesome website and those kick ass grooves that I just downloaded. I look forward to hearing more from you guys! Philonious Pacetti, USA
These sounds are amazing. I have gone download crazy on your site. Thnx for quality! N.Burke. Glasgow, Scotland
Hey Guys I wanted to personally let you know that this is the place that I will be purchasing all my samples especially drum kits,man! Hip Hop Producer Set is the bomb diggy DJ-T, Gospel Rap Trax, USA
Oh man, my beats are alive now. These sounds are just incredible. So clean and yet so dirty. You're **** hot man. K.Lea. Hollywood, USA
This is real class mate. the sounds are superb, totally spot on, every kit, full-on 2-handed madness is just there. This is going to have a drastic effect on what I'm doing. Igor Clark,
thanks for the site and thanks for the breaks and bass kit. outstanding...keep up the great work, the site is a gold mine of info. Lee Brindle, USA
I purchased your R&B drumkits, and they are fantastic, I've been using them in my mixes and they really have brought them to life. Rob, Waves Productions
The new sample packs sound dope! Robert Howland, USA

Various Testimonials

Thank you for providing a top class service, a top class sound library, and invaluable tutorials. I have skipped a few years thanks to you. N.Henderson. Toronto, Canada
I wish I had come across your site before I wasted money on other sites. Top quality and excellent service. A.Milner. Washington, USA
Every day, I visit your site just to see what new products you have. I have bought just about everything you have on offer. I just cannot seem to stop myself. A big thank you for being there. H.Elenn. London, UK
First I thought your sounds were hot, then I read your tutorials, but what has really impressed me is your email support. Cannot thank you enough dude. R.Lipman-New York, USA


Man, you do great, great work! Keep it coming!! Bliss -
I appreciate your quick help on these makes things a lot easier on the customer. Keep up the great work and I won't hesitate to buy from your site again in the future. Chad, The Season
Rest assured that you offer the best bang for the buck. Rick Reed, UmSounds, USA
I will definitely recommend this site to other people especially for the fast customer service. RM Morris, Vermont USA
Your website is on point. I appreciate the hard work and dedication you all are putting into this, thanks. Slim Tektroniks, USA
Great stuff. Well worth the money.Thanks for a great deal! Tommy Vaughn, USA
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