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  • Concert Grand & Vintage 73EP Bundle - Save 40%! on two of the most authentic multisampled pianos ever made for MPCs!
  • MPC Guitar - Multisampled acoustic and electric guitars for your MPC
  • The Concert Grand MPC Expansion Pack - Just Released! A stunning recreation of the majestic Steinway Concert Grand for MPC Software & legacy MPCs.
  • The Vintage 73 EP - An incredibly faithful multisampled reproduction of the classic early 70s Fender Rhodes Mk 1, optimised for MPCs & Maschine.
  • MPC Multisample - Special Edition - Bundle: Save 40%! - Turn your MPC into a virtual instrument with our entire MPC multisample collection!
  • MPC Horns - A complete horn section inside your MPC - incredibly realistic sounding trumpet, sax and brass instrument multisamples for all MPCs!
  • Canedrive Presents: The Synth Bundle (Triple Pack) - Save 30% - Canedrive's entire collection of multisampled analogue synths
  • Waveform-20 - Multisampled analogue synth instruments created using the Korg MS-20
  • Pulse - Immense analogue synth multisamples created using the Waldorf Pulse 2
  • SP-Neptune - Fat analogue multisamples created using classic synths, analogue tape & the Emu SP-12!
  • MPC Strings - Multisampled string instruments optimised for all MPCs
  • MPC Keys - Authentic & realistic acoustic and electric piano multisamples made for MPCs
  • MPC Bass - Multisampled electric bass sounds for all MPCs, now with JJ OS & MPC Ren keygroups

Loops & FX

Mixed Collections

  • Breaks N Bass - The classic bestseller - chopped vinyl drum kits & multisampled bass programs
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