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MPC X & MPC Live Tutorials, Sounds & MPC Software Expansions

The MPC X & MPC Live are Akai's MPC Software driven standalone touchscreen MPCs. This section features our most popular samplepacks, but remember that every single samplepack on this site is 100% compatible with the MPC X & MPC Live! Coming Soon: Beginners and advanced MPC X & MPC Live tutorials - sign up to our newsletter to receive an email the moment they are released!

MPC X & MPC Live Tutorials, Sounds & MPC Software Expansions: Technical Information

The Akai MPC X and MPC Live run MPC Software 2.0 and fully support all MPC expansions, sounds, samples, programs and projects made for MPC Software 1.x, as well as all legacy MPC kits and sounds.

The easiest way to load samplacks in 'standalone' mode is to transfer your kits to an SD card or portable USB drive and load them directly from that card. You can also transfer sounds to the optional internal SATA drive by connecting your MPC X to your computer via 'controller mode'. For more information on how to transfer our samplepacks to the MPC X, check out our MPC File Transfer Guide.

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