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MPC Live Tutorials - MPC Live Sounds & MPC Software Expansions

The MPC Live is Akai's first MPC Software driven standalone MPC, a true hybrid MPC that can work independently and in combination with a computer. All our samplepacks are fully compatible with the MPC Live in both standalone and controller mode, including all our MPC Software Expansions. MPC Live tutorials coming very soon!

MPC Live Tutorials, Sounds & MPC Software Expansions: Technical Information

The Akai MPC Live runs MPC Software 2.0 and fully supports all MPC expansions, sounds, samples, programs and projects made for MPC Software 1.x, as well as all legacy MPC kits and sounds.

When run in controller mode the MPC Live has access to all the Expansions and kits installed on your computer; in 'standalone' mode, the MPC Live can read any kits that you have copied to any attached drive (e.g. SD card, USB drive) or any internal SATA drive you have installed.

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