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MPC Touch Tutorials, Samples & Expansions

The MPC Touch features the power of the MPC Software combined with an intuitive 7 inch touchscreen interface providing a workflow like no other MPC before it! In this section you'll find MPC-Tutor's essential 'MPC Touch Bible' as well as our recommended MPC Touch compatible samplepacks and expansions.

MPC Touch Tutorials & Sounds: Technical Information

All our MPC expansions and samplepacks are fully compatible with the MPC Touch and come with XPM program files for instant loading. After downloading your MPC Touch samples, simply transfer the main sample pack folder to the location on your computer where you normally store your kits and sounds and then load the sounds and programs from the built-in file browser.

Our dedicated expansion packs also feature XPN files for direct loading into the MPC Expansion Browser. After downloading, simply drag the provided XPN file directly into the computer GUI and follow the installation instructions. Your expansion will appear immediately in the Expansion Browser.

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