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JJOS Tutorials & Samples - Drum Kits & Sounds for JJOS & JJOSXL

The JJOS is the alternative operating system available for both the MPC1000 and MPC2500 - in this section are our bestselling JJOS compatible sounds and tutorials including the 'JJOSXL Sampling Bible', the classic 'Beat Making on the MPC1000' and our range of multisampled drum kits & instruments all with JJOS optimised program files included.

JJOS Tutorials & Samples: Technical Information

Our JJOS drum kits contain program files fully optimised for the various different versions of JJOS, including the popular free JJOS and JJOSXL (which uses a different PGM format that requires a completely different configuration).

All our samplepacks are tested to be fully compatible with the latest stable version of JJOS.

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