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MPC Renaissance/MPC Studio Tutorials & Sounds For MPC Software

The MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio are the hardware controllers for the next generation MPC; the MPC Software - all the samplepacks on this site are now fully compatible with the MPC Software and MPC Essentials. If you're looking for MPC Renaissance/MPC Studio tutorials, MPC-Tutor has you covered with his latest book 'MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio: Sampling Laid Bare'.

MPC Renaissance/MPC Studio Tutorials & Sounds: Technical Information

Our MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio drum kits and multisamples are fully compatible with all versions of the MPC Software and MPC Essentials. All our MPC Software sounds are in WAV format (24/16 bit) and our MPC mutisample packs contain XPM keygroup programs that take full advantage of the advanced features now available in these software based MPCs.

Simply download the samplepacks and transfer to your usual sample library location on your computer and select the program files from the MPC Software browser.

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