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MPC 5000 Tutorials, Samples & Sounds

The Akai MPC 5000 was the last flagship standalone hardware MPC, with keygroup programs, built in synth and double size screen. In this section you'll find the critically acclaimed MPC5000 tutorial book 'Beat Making on the MPC5000', the ultimate MPC5000 finger drumming kit, plus thousands of MPC 5000 format hip hop drum samples and multisamples, fully optimised for perfect compatibility with the MPC5000.

MPC 5000 Tutorials, Samples & Sounds: Technical Information

All our MPC 5000 samples and sounds are in either 24 bit or 16 bit WAV format and most come with MPC5000 program files (50s) to allow quick loading and preview. All our MPC 5000 samples and tutorials are available as digital downloads so you can access them instantly after you have purchased them.

You can easily transfer your files to your MPC 5000 simply by hooking up your MPC to a computer via USB and 'dragging and dropping' the files over. Check out our FAQ on file transferring.

If you ever lose your files, it's no problem as you can always log back into your customer 'file bank' and re-download your sounds at any time.

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