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Akai MPC Drum Samples, MPC Drum Kits & Drum Breaks

All our Akai MPC drum samples packs are crammed with the latest fresh drum sounds, MPC drum kits & drum breaks, perfectly tweaked so you don't have to and fully compatible with all MPCs. Whatever your vibe, we've got it covered.

Akai MPC Drum Samples & Drum Sounds: Technical Information

MPC Drum samples on our web site are available in both WAV format (for all modern MPC models, Maschine and all software samplers) and as native MPC SND format (for legacy MPCs, such as the MPC2000/3000/60).

Our MPC Drum kits all contain program files specifically tailored for each MPC model, ensuring 100% compatibility, guaranteed. All drum libraries are organised into folders of instrument type (e.g. 'Snares') along with program files (PGM) to allow quick loading and preview.

We name all sounds uniquely across all packs, so even if you load up sounds from multiple packs into memory, there will be no name clashes.

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