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Akai MPC2000XL Tutorials - MPC2000/XL Sounds & Samples

If you've got an Akai MPC2000XL or an MPC2000, check out the selected products below which are all fully compatible with your MPC. MPC2000XL owners should check out our original and bestselling tutorial book, 'Beat Making on the MPC2000XL' - as Matt Bean, senior editor at Rodale Publishing states - 'These books are FANTASTIC - so amazingly detailed. They help you make sense of the MPC in no time.'

MPC2000/XL Tutorials & Samples: Technical Information

MPC2000XL drum samples are in standard WAV format and come with programs (PGM) to assist with fast preview and loading. All MPC2000 packs are in SND format as this ensure greater PGM file compatibility.

Once you've downloaded your sounds, you can transfer them to your MPC2000XL by CDROM, Zip, CF card or floppy (depending on what storage device your XL has). MPC 2000 owners should use floppy or zip. Read our file transfer section for more information.

Our samples work in any version of the MPC2000XL or MPC2000, regardless of colour, special edition, or operating system version.

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