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Akai MPC 2500 Sounds, Samples & Tutorials

The MPC2500 is one of the most popular modern MPCs, with a solid hardware spec and support of Akai OS and the third party JJ operating systems. Our fat layered MPC2500 samples and sounds are all fully tweaked and optimised for the MPC2500 including all JJOS versions - 100% compatibility guaranteed. We are also the only site to sell MPC2500 tutorial books, including MPC-Tutor's classic, 'Beat Making on the MPC2500'.

MPC 2500 Samples & Tutorials: Technical Information

All our MPC 2500 samples & sounds are in standard 16 bit WAV format and come with MPC2500 program files (PGM) to assign sounds across all the pads. All MPC2500 programs are fully compatible with Akai OS and JJOS.

You can easily transfer your files to your MPC 2500 simply by hooking up your MPC to a computer via USB and 'dragging and dropping' the files over. Check out our FAQ on file transferring.

If you ever lose your files, it's no problem as you can always log back into your customer 'file bank' and re-download your sounds at any time.

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