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Akai MPC 1000 Samples, Drum Sounds & Tutorials For Akai OS & JJOS

In this section you'll find thousands of Akai MPC 1000 format hip hop drum samples, kits and multisamples, all perfectly optimised for all MPC1000 operating systems including JJOS. We also sell the only MPC1000 tutorial books in existence, suitable for Akai OS, the free JJOS and JJOSXL.

MPC 1000 Samples, Sounds & Tutorials: Technical Information

All of our MPC1000 sound packs and drum kits contain 16 bit WAV files, making them fully compatible with the MPC1000 in both the standard Akai OS and all versions of JJOS. If program files are included, these will be in standard MPC1000 format and where required, in the newer JJOSXL format which takes advantage of the additional features available.

Our MPC 1000 tutorial books have been written for both the official Akai operating system (2.13), and for the third party 'JJOS' operating systems (the 'free JJOS and JJOSXL).

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