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The Beat Production Bible

The Beat Production Bible

Learn how to produce pro sounding hip hop beats with dozens of hand-on examples
$16.99 USD


Part of Eddie Bazil’s Audio Production Series, ‘The Beat Production Bible’ is the perfect beginners guide to discovering the variety of technical processes involved in creating professional sounding hip hop and dance beats. Throughout the 90 info-packed pages you’ll be taken step-by-step in the creation of an actual beat and along the way discover the theory and practice behind such topics as:

  • Beat Creation: picking sounds for a kit, grid & manual tick editing, ghost notes, stereo field sound placement, layering, sample management, using dynamics & efx, dynamic playing via velocity templates
  • Quantise: understanding and manipulating quantise, extracting grooves from audio & midi material, creating custom quantise templates,  understanding swing, getting that perfect timing in your beats.
  • Sample Manipulation: determine the key of a sample or song using spectrum analysers, old school key matching techniques, manipulating key, time stretching/compressing, slicing techniques for drums and instrument phrases.
  • Dynamics and Effects: compression, parallel compression (Ney York), stereo widening techniques, EQ, reverb/chorus, filtering redundant frequencies.
  • Polishing the mix: understanding sample management, multi format audio exports, grouping and soloing for mixing/production.

All concepts are clearly explained and underlined using actual audio examples and screenshots from popular music production software such as Cubase and Soundforge. (including high resolution copies of all images so you can easily zoom in to get a closer look). Also included are individual audio tracks to let you recreate relevant portions of the beat in your own studio set up.

The Beat Production Bible is the perfect companion for production beginners who need a comprehensive grounding in the theories and technical processes required to make a professional quality beat. Download the example pdf to get a taste of things to come and order now for instant download after purchase!

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Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Contents: 93 page PDF book with 68 audio files
  • Format: PDF & WAV
  • Compatibility: Works with PC & Mac and any audio software or hardware
  • Author: Eddie Bazil
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $16.99

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"I applied some of the beat making techniques from your (Beat Production Bible) ebook in our recording session today - thank you for a true blue product, we've created our best beat to date. It's refreshing to get some clear, down to earth, instruction to navigate my way through the beat production process. Keep up the good work!"
Marc Blanchard, Signature Sound

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Product FAQs

What Is An Ebook?

An ebook is an electronic book that you can read on your computer (or on a PDA, mobile phone, ebook reader, etc). Our ebooks also include folders of example files that allow you to recreate the tutorials as you read them. Our ebooks can be downloaded instantly after purchase and can be opened using any free PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader software (most PCs already have this installed), or the built in 'Preview' PDF reader found in all Macs, iPhones and iPads.

How do I use this book?

First, open up the ebook in your computer - it reads just like any standard book. Inside you'll find a number of chapters which contain step-by-step tutorials. Each chapter comes with example files, so as you progress through a particular tutorial, load up the tutorial sounds in your computer sequencing/editing software (e.g. Soundforge, Cubase, etc) and recreate the examples step-by-step.

Do I need specific software installed on my computer to use this book?

No, the principles discussed in the book will work with any sequencing or sample editing software.

Is this ebook available in paper format?

No, this ebook is only available in digital (format, which can be read on all computers and most portable media devices, such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and ebook readers. If you need a paper copy, you can of course print the book directly from your computer, or for our larger books, through stores such as Staples and Kinkos.

Can I make backup copies of my ebook?

Yes, once downloaded it's just like any other computer file and can be copied to a back up disk.

Is this book only for MPC users?

No, this book has been written for ANY music producer, regardless of the equipment or software used, and any principle explained in this book can be used with any hardware or software you may have. 

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