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Breaks N Bass

Breaks N Bass

The classic bestseller - chopped vinyl drum kits & multisampled bass programs
$29.99 USD


Calling all break chopping, bass-loving junkies! Doesn’t it frustrate you when you chop a break, re-arrange it, only to find gaps in between the chops? What about writing bass lines for your beats – do you struggle to come up with ideas for riffs and loops, assuming you have phat bass sounds to play with in the first place?

Imagine if there was a dedicated MPC product that not only gives you ready-made breaks and basslines to fuel your creativity, but also allows you full control over the ‘groove’ of each beat, allowing you real-time, easy control over which sounds and kits you use in each beat, plus maximum control over the pitch and musical content of your bass loops. Enter Breaks n Bass.

Breaks n Bass features 30 phat hip hop break beats chopped and mapped out using 'Drum Sub™' templates. This identical mapping for every break beat program means that you can replace the sounds from one break with another in real time so that you can quickly experiment in finding the perfect drum sounds for the track you are working on. 'Groove Control' allows you to change the tempo of your break without the need for time stretching or pitch shifting, and those pesky audio gaps you get when you chop breaks on an MPC are a thing of the past.

The above features alone make this collection worth every penny, but there's a lot more to this sample pack. For each break beat MIDI file, you get 5 original, sequenced basslines designed to compliment your hip hop break beat. That's 150 basslines to kick start your creative ideas - and we also throw in 2 multisampled bass programs to assign to your bass tracks - these bass programs can be played on your pads or a MIDI keyboard. All basslines feature the same Groove Control qualities as the break beats, and the key of your basslines can be quickly changed using the transpose function.

Break n Bass is a truly creative product - purchase now, download this pack immediately from our servers, and let your creativity flow!

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 30 WAV format loops, sliced into individual hits, plus 2 multisampled bass programs
  • Format: Contains WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds and PGM files that auto-assign the sounds across the pads.
  • Compatibility: MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, MPC2500, MPC1000, MPC500, MPC5000, MPC2000/XL, MPC4000
  • Publisher/Sound Design: MPC-Tutor
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $29.99

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Good Day Andy, first allow me to start by saying, the download went smooth and the 'Breaks n Bass' sounds are 'on the money'! I think your website and the music making tools is providing are excellent and exactly what I've been searching for beat and sound production wise! Keep up the great work as I plan to purchase more sounds in the future. Hope to hear from you soon!
Ray Swinton aka "Keys BeMe"

"thanks for the site and thanks for the breaks and bass kit. outstanding...keep up the great work, the site is a gold mine of info."
Lee Brindle, USA

"I'm loving these kits. thank you!
Ryan Kenelly

"These bass lines are great!! I also have all your multisamples now and they are absoultely brilliant :)
Paul Bassett

Product FAQs

Will this work in my sampler?

This pack will only work in the following MPCs:

  • MPC2500 (WAV)
  • MPC1000 (WAV)
  • MPC500 (WAV)
  • MPC5000 (WAV)
  • MPC2000XL (SND)
  • MPC2000 (SND)
  • MPC4000 (SND)
It will not work in the MPC3000 or the MPC60.
How is this pack better than using normal loops?

All the breaks and basslines in this pack can be sped up or slowed down without the need for timestretching or tuning, plus you can easily change groove or drum sound in real time. Bass lines can also be pitch-shifted without the need for additional processing. This gives you maximum room for experimentation.

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