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Electric Keys - MPC X, MPC Live & MPC Software Expansion

Electric Keys - MPC X, MPC Live & MPC Software Expansion

Three legendary electric pianos fully multisampled, with 80 sound patches, for the MPC X, MPC Live & all MPC Software controllers.
$29.99 USD


Electric Keys’ is a multisampled recreation of three legendary electric pianos from the 70s; the Rhodes Mark II, Wurlitzer 200A and the Pianet N, containing 80 ready-to-play instrument patches for the MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Studio, MPC Renaissance & MPC Touch.

The classic electric piano sound is an essential part of any producer’s arsenal and with Electric Keys we set out to create truly usable and portable recreations of these classic machines directly inside your MPC.

Each instrument has been recorded over multiple dynamic levels to fully capture its original nuances and tone - simply load up a patch and instantly start adding authentic electric piano chords and riffs to your MPC beats.

There’s a total of 80 ready-made sound patches included, all fully configured and mapped across your pads to provide a wide range of ‘out-of-the-box’ sounds including timeless vibrato and tremolo set ups, gritty amp-driven emulations, lush chorus and phased sounds and experimental fx patches.

All patches can also be fully customised giving you control over many essential settings including tremolo and vibrato depth and rate, filters, effects and EQ. The Rhodes even includes an adjustable ‘tine’ control, a first for a native MPC Rhodes emulation.

Electric Keys is 100% ‘Certified for Standalone MPC, with all instruments built from native MPC keygroup programs utilising internal FX, filters and LFOs for all patches. All instruments perform identically in both ‘standalone’ and ‘controller’ modes, making them perfect for all MPC X & MPC Live owners.

The collection comes with two separate installers; a dedicated version for standalone use in the MPC X/MPC Live (Expansion thumbnail images supported if you run firmware 2.1) and a separate MPC Software Expansion installer for use in the Expansion Browser (compatible with both MPC Software 2.0 and 1.9), perfect for the MPC Studio, MPC Renaissance and MPC Touch.

Program previews are included for all patches, and everything is tagged for use in the MPC Software Media Browser.  Patches can be played using your pads or via an attached MIDI keyboard; all instruments are fully compatible with the MPCs ‘pad perform’ mode. Full installation & customisation instructions are given in the included 26 page User Guide.

Electric Keys is the first release in our new ‘MPC Instrument Foundations’ series, a range of standalone-friendly instruments built to take full advantage of the features available in the new generation of MPCs.

Compatible with Standalone Mode, Controller Mode and Computer GUI

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 255 samples, 80 sound patches
  • Format: 24 Bit WAV, XPM.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Studio, MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance, MPC Software
  • Publisher/Sound Design: MPC-Samples
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $29.99

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Product FAQs

Do these instruments work in standalone in the MPC X & MPC Live?

Yes, 100% compatible and specifically designed with standalone use in mind.

Do the instruments work with the MPC Ren, Studio & Touch?

Yes! We provide a dedicated MPC Expansion installer for the MPC Software, or if you prefer can also use the ‘standalone version with the standard ‘File Browser’. The expansion is fully compatible with both MPC Software 2.0 and MPC Software 1.9

What are the sizes of the instrument patches?

The full Rhodes is 100MB, Wurlitzer is 118MB and the Pianet N is 89MB. Compact/lite versions are also provided which are approximately 30MB in size.

Are the sounds sampled to full natural decay?

Yes, every sound is provided with its natural fade out intact.

Are the patches easy to edit?

Yes, they use standard keygroup programs so you can easily edit effects and programs parameters such as LFO, filter, envelopes etc.

Can I play these instruments with a MIDI control keyboard?

Yes, just hook up your keyboard to your MPC (via USB, MIDI cable etc) and you can immediately play the instruments with the keyboard. Set up instructions are provided in the User Guide.

I can’t play keyboard, can I still use these instruments?

Yes! You can play the instruments directly with your pads and they also fully support PAD PERFORM mode which maps pre-built chords and scales across your pads.

Do you have a version for legacy MPCs?

No at the moment, but if you'd be interested in a legacy edition of this or any other MPC Software Expansion pack, please let us know. If enough customers are interested we would definitely look into making it.

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