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'The Dirty Drummer' 3 - The Angry Ape Sessions

'The Dirty Drummer' 3 - The Angry Ape Sessions

The Dirty Drummer is back with more thumpingly filthy finger drumming kits for all MPC models!
$29.99 USD


The Dirty Drummer is back with more thumpingly filthy finger drumming kits for all MPC models! Volume 3 continues the Dirty Drummer tradition with two fully dynamic multisampled kits oozing with grit, crunch and warmth, featuring velocity switching and round robin 'cycle' kits that allow you to produce uncannily realistic dusty breaks.

Each kit is packed full of drum articulations; kick, snare, side stick, snare 'drag' (a short snare roll), crash, closed and open hat, ride (centre hit), ride bell, tom, 'ghost' kick and snare (for adding subtle groove hits), and a selection of percussion including separate 'up' and 'down' shakers. 

It doesn't matter which MPC model you own as we've created individually optimised program files for all of them! First up there's a dedicated 'standalone' expansion version for the MPC X and MPC Live and an MPC Software Expansion installer for MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio and MPC Touch (compatible with MPC Software 1.9 and 2.x). Both versions are fully 'tagged' and feature program previews and demo sequences with velocity-switched and 'cycle kit' versions provided for each kit.

And our unrivalled support for all legacy MPCs continues with dedicated programs for all older hardware MPC models, including 'round robin' kits for JJOS 'XL', JJOS3 and MPC5000, a 12 pad version for the MPC500, a memory-optimised version for the MPC60/MPC3000, 3 layer velocity switched edition for the MPC2000/XL and 4 layer editions for MPC1000/2500 (Akai OS & free JJOS) and MPC4000.

Finally we've also thrown in Maschine 2.0 and Battery 4 editions for those who prefer sometimes turn to the 'dark side'!

Absolutely no configuration is needed, simply load the program file made for your MPC model; all samples are mapped out for you in a very finger drumming friendly way along with all mixer settings and pad parameters to handle velocity switching, round robins and open hat mutes. And Dirty Drummer 3 uses the exact same kit layout as all previous Dirty Drummer volumes, making it easy to mix-and-match kits and sequences.

Warm up your fingers, crack those knuckles and dust off those pads - it's time to get finger drumming again!

This product is part of a series - buy the entire collection & save $25.49

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: Two complete drum kits, 16 articulations per kit, 134 sounds in total including dynamic variations
  • Format: Includes WAV & legacy MPC SND format, program files for all MPC models, groups and patches for Maschine & Battery
  • Compatibility: Works with every MPC ever made, plus Maschine & Battery 4
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Pad Pimps
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $29.99

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Product FAQs

How does 'velocity switching' work?

Hitting an acoustic drum at different velocities (levels of hardness) will produce a slightly sound - for example, a soft snare hit has much less attack and high frequencies compared to a hard hit snare (which will tend to have a more cutting and bright attack). So if we record each drum instrument over multiple dynamic levels we can capture a much more realistic and organic 'snapshot' of that original instrument.

'Velocity switching' in an MPC allows us to configure each pad to play back an appropriate dynamic level sample based on how hard we hit the pad, so a soft strike on a 'snare' pad will play back a 'soft' snare sample, a hard pad hit will play back a 'hard' snare sample, and so on. In an MPC we can configure up to 4 dynamic levels per pad (e.g. soft, medium, medium-hard, hard).

What are 'cycle kits' and 'Round Robins'?

Even if we hit an acoustic drum several times times in the exact same spot and with the exact same velocity, each hit will still sound very slightly different. Capturing these subtle differences in acoustic timbre adds even more realism to a multisampled drum kit.

A 'round robin' refers an MPC pad that is configured to play back a different sample each time the pad is hit. These round robins are independent of velocity; instead a sample is selected from a pre-defined 'pool' of samples, either randomly or it can cycle through each one in turn (hence 'cycle kit). Each pad can hold up to 4 round robin samples.

Round robins are currently supported by the MPC Software, MPC Essentials, MPC5000 and JJOSXL.

Is my MPC model supported?

Dirty Drummer works in all MPCs - and we've made sure of that by building the kit from the ground up in each model!

Each version uses the functionality available specifically in the target MPC model, with the really old MPC models also seeing further optimisations to account for their more limited system memory. All kits feature velocity switching apart from the MPC60 versions (please note that the MPC60 requires OS 3.1).

24 bit samples are provided for all MPCs that support them, otherwise samples are 16 bit.

Is this kit only for live drumming?

No, it can also be used for recording or STEP or GRID EDIT drum programming as well. For best results, turn off quantising (TC > Note Value: OFF)!

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'The Dirty Drummer' Triple Bundle contains the following 3 samplepacks:
  • 'The Dirty Drummer' MPC Finger Drumming Kit
  • 'The Dirty Drummer' 2 - Return of The MPC Finger Drummer
  • 'The Dirty Drummer' 3 - The Angry Ape Sessions
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