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The Concert Grand MPC Expansion Pack

The Concert Grand MPC Expansion Pack

Just Released! A stunning recreation of the majestic Steinway Concert Grand for MPC Software & legacy MPCs.
$24.99 USD


The Concert Grand’ is the latest release in’s next generation of multisampled instrument expansion packs, an absolutely stunning recreation of the majestic Steinway Concert Grand (Model D), packaged with an indispensable collection of MIDI resources and fully optimised for both the MPC Software and legacy MPC models.

The MPC Software Expansion edition (for the MPC Touch/Studio/Renaissance) features fully chromatic 24 bit sampling with 4 dynamic layers per pad (velocity switched between soft, medium, medium-soft and hard) - the result is an incredibly rich and organic piano experience unlike any you'll ever hear within an MPC:

In addition to the main grand piano program we've also created an 8 additional preset programs for variety of tonal variations ‘out-of-the-box’ and have also included 20 brand new and original MIDI chord progressions to use in Pad Perform Mode that allow you to effortlessly create expressive, professional sounding piano performances using nothing but your MPC pads.

Finally we’ve also included 20 melodic themes as drag & drop MIDI Patterns (also provided as individual MIDI sequence files). These consist of editable riffs, melodies and chords that can act as a starting point for a new composition.

The expansion is fully optimised for the MPC Expansion Browser (XPN installer provided) and comes with auto program previews, file grouping and demo sequences - check out the MPC Software Installation & Usage Guide.

And the love is also shared with legacy MPC owners as we’ve created a superb ‘compact’ version of the main Concert Grand program for the MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC5000, MPC500 and MPC4000 which uses a reduced number of keygroups but still utilises the ultra-realistic 4 dynamic levels per pad! Here’s the ‘compact’ version of Für Elise, as played in an MPC1000

Finally we’ve even managed to create an even smaller 10MB version for MPC2000/XL owners that uses a single dynamic layer which still sounds awesome - and all legacy MPC owners also get all 20 MIDI themes in both SEQ and MIDI file format - check out the Legacy MPC Installation Guide for more details.

The majestic & expressive Concert Grand from, destined to be the new ‘go-to’ piano for all MPC producers and available exclusively from

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 352 instrument multisamples plus MPC programs (XPM, 50k, AKP & PGM)
  • Format: 24 bit WAV (MPC Software version, with XPN installer), 16 Bit WAV (Legacy version), MPC SND (MP2000/XL version)
  • Compatibility: MPC Software, MPC5000, MPC4000, MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC500, MPC2000/XL, JJOS
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $24.99

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Product FAQs

How do I install this Expansion Pack in my MPC?

MPC Software users should drag and drop the provided 'XPN' installer into the MPC Software and select 'Import'. After installation the expansion can be accessed from the Expansion Browser. MIDI progressions are simply copied to the 'Progressions' folder on your system drive - read the MPC Software Installation Guide.

Legacy MPC users should copy the provided legacy MPC files to their usual MPC disk (e.g zip, CF card etc) and load the provided program and MIDI files directly into their MPC. Read the Legacy MPC Installation Guide.

How much memory do I need to load the legacy MPC program?

The amount of free memory required depends on the model of MPC:

  • MPC1000/2500/5000: 63MB
  • MPC500: 54MB
  • MPC4000: 88MB
  • MPC2000/XL: 10MB
What are multisamples and what can I do with them?

Multisamples involve sampling many notes from an instrument and mapping out these notes into MPC programs - the result is a very realistic recreation of the original instrument mapped out across the pads in your MPC. You can then create your own realistic loops, riffs and solos using only your MPC.

How easy is it to use multisamples in my MPC?

Very easy. Just load up a mulisample program just like you would any other program. Now just bash the pads and create your own unique loops and solos! And if you prefer playing with a MIDI keyboard, no problem - just connect the keyboard MIDI out to the MPC MIDI in and play the keyboard keys - your realistic multisample sounds will be output from your MPC (we've even re-ordered all pads so they match standard chromatic order on keyboards).

Do you add effects to your multisamples?

Definitely not. It is important that professional multisamples are presented 'dry', with no delay effects (e.g. reverb, chorus, delay etc). This ensures you have maximum control over the multsamples, leaving you to add whatever effects you wish to your multisample performances.

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