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The Live Break Bundle

The Live Break Bundle  

Over 740 live drum breaks for chopping junkies, recorded using retro equipment for an authentic vintage sound.
$199.99 $99.99 USD
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The Live Break Bundle is the perfect collection for all you chopping junkies, bringing together every single live drum break on our site together in one money saving bundle!

Inside you’ll find nothing but pure live breaks, all authentically recorded using vintage equipment to perfectly capture the elusive 60s & 70s drum sound. All the breaks are 100% original and completely royalty free.

The 741 breaks are taken from the following 7 sample packs:

  • Dirty Drum Breaks volumes 1, 2 & 2.5
  • Tape to Dubplate vol 3: 60s Drum Breaks & Tape to Dubplate vol 6: Brush Bap Breaks (vinyl master versions)
  • Tombongo Funk Sessions
  • Breaks For Beat Makers

All breaks include full BPM information (tempos range from 71 BPM up to 130BPM, with most breaks in the 80-100BPM region) and are provided in standard WAV format so will load up direct into your MPC and any software sampler or DAW.

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 741 drum breaks
  • Format: WAV
  • Compatibility: Works with all MPCs & any software that reads WAV files
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Monosole Music & Tombongo
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $99.99

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"Bought this yesterday.....already used a break for a beat!! Top notch stuff......really dope!"
Central Parks Soundcloud

"These are great recordings!!!! Very useful for layering with your kits and using by themselves as well."
Es-K (Cold Busted Records) Facebook Soundcloud Home

"Just bought this Drum Break pack and wow its FIRE!!! Im just going through the breaks and I am very impressed by the quality. Cant wait to start chopping these up in my Maschine. Everthing sounds crisp. Crispy snares and the kicks HIT nice!"
Explicit Home

"i got this pack right away,. i like my breaks dusty and crackly, but that dont mean i cant add that to these. these breaks are clean as hell, nicely recorded. great job on this.. i think alot of tutors packs are really nicely done, well all the ones ive got anyway. i love the dirty breaks he has, and i love the eastcoast phat, also the deconstructive pack :-D thank you again tutor for making this all happen!!!"
Scott Williams (selfinflict) Soundcloud

"Wanna add a lil 2 cents on this pack, was going thru it at the weekend and to my knowledge the best pack MPC-Tutor has done to date. The good thing about this is you got the live kit sound and some funky loose drum playing that is in the pocket at tempos from 80 to 120 bpm. Having the tonal variations of a drum sound played at a faster pace is dope cos the timbre is mad different at different speeds. All the sounds are upfront and close mic'ed recordings - for those who want the tone the live energetic sounds and also have a requirement for a cleaner sound so u can mix and add the fx ourselves to create the sonic effect required for the track and these drums allow u to do that.Loads of good cops and layers here and the raw loops is dope enuff to rock open by themselves. All in all great value hats off to tutor."
Jay Blak (blaqmartian)

"I tell you what...this was the best pack I've heard, I say, best pack I've heard. If your a break digger or not, this is a must have. And, you ain't got breaks like this. I'll tell you that right now. This pack ain't no tinny ****. It will keep you busy."
SILIS101 (MPC-Forums Member) Home

"these breaks are really dope, can't wait to start messing with these bad boys. straight out the box the sound of the recording quality is perfect.. i'm gonna have a lot of fun with this pack!!"
Russell Clark

"I'm really blown away by this kit. The recording is excellent and the sounds are SERIOUS. Would definitely recommend. Found these drums nice for layering too....check em out"
Brett McKenzie, Canada

"Yoooooo!!!This is a DOPE sample pack.I wish the guys behind this much success and BRING ON VOLUME 2!!!!!"
S.I.C.K THE DRUMGOD Soundcloud

Product FAQs

Will these drum breaks work in my sampler?

These breaks work in ANY sampler or software that reads WAV files.

Are these new and original breaks?

Yes, completely new, recorded using authentic equipment and techniques to create a classic 60s/70s vintage vibe. They are completely royalty free, so once you've purchased the pack you can use them in your beats as you please, with no sample clearance payments, and no accreditation required.

What recording techniques were used to create the authentic vintage sound?

All the breaks were recorded using vintage mics, direct to analogue mixing desks and then to analogue tape for a warm & saturated sound. The 'Tape to Dubplate' breaks were pressed to vinyl and resampled for even more authentic crunch.

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