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The Multisampled Drum Kit Bundle

The Multisampled Drum Kit Bundle  

Save 30%! The world's most advanced multisampled acoustic drum kits made specifically for MPCs.
$89.97 $62.98 USD
You Save: $26.99 (30.0%)


Bundle Offer - Save 30%! The Pro Studio Kit, 'The Raw 70s Kit' and the '60s Funk Kit' feature the most advanced and extensively multisampled acoustic drum kits available for MPCs, featuring complete drum kit articulations fully sampled across multiple velocities to create ultra-realistic, finger drumming kits for your MPC.

Each kit has been perfectly tailored for each and every single MPC model including the MPC X and MPC Live, all MPC Software controllers, all legacy MPC models, JJOS and even NI Maschine, utilising all available features to give you incredibly life-like and beautifully playable drum kits, dripping with character and warmth.

Each kit features a variety of unique drum articulations covering all the essentials you’ll need to create incredibly realistic and versatile drum performances- check out this demo of the Raw 70s Kit from finger-drumming whizz Tim Kroker:

Each drum articulation is provided with 12-18 different takes recorded across the entire velocity range, allowing for a very realistic and natural recreation of the original kit and ultimately giving you everything you need to create your own incredibly realistic drum performances, packed with punch, warm tone and presence.

There are 728 acoustic drum samples in total along with ready-tweaked programs fully compatible with every single MPC model ever made, all versions of JJOS, and Maschine 1.8/2.x. No other series of multisampled drum kits can boast this kind of specialist MPC support because no one knows MPCs like we do; 100% compatibility in all MPC models - guaranteed.

Don't miss out - get all three kits today and save 30% - exclusively from!

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 728 multisampled drums over three unique kits
  • Format: 24 bit WAV, 16 bit WAV, MPC SND, Maschine 1.8/2.x Groups
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all MPCs including MPC Live/MPC X, MPC Software, legacy MPC and all versions of JJOS & Maschine 1.8/2.x
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Tombongo, MPC-Samples & Pad Pimps
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $62.98

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"How does it sound? In a word… Great! I fell in love instantly with the warm sound of the drums in The 60s Funk Kit. The thing that hit me most was the density of some of the kicks and the realistic spring ring in some of the snares.Bottom line is that this is, if you are looking for a nice live drumming experience that allows you to program beats with a finger drumming aesthetic, The 60s Funk Kit is the kit to have. Even beyond that fact there is so much flexibility in this kit and the manual will help you get the most out of it. This is definitely one to have in your library of kits.  I think the next wave in dope drum kits is multi-sampled kits."
Corry Banks ( Facebook Twitter Home

"As a drummer I have to say that with this bundle you can feel like if you were playing real drums. Very nice recorded and processed. I use it just for fun with a mpc500, but maybe i will use it for future productions."
T CONTROL, Mendoza, Argentina Soundcloud

"Very nice drumkit! Have just purchased the 60 & 70's kits those are really great & very playable! I also have studio drum session on Ableton live who is great to but yours kit are more playable it's really so good to play with them! So thank you for you're wonderful work!"
William Le Floch, frebuans, France Soundcloud

"great samples!"
anthony bugge, high wycombe, United Kingdom

"The MPC Pro Studio Kit is excellent!!!!!!!!. if you are a drum programmer you need to get this kit!!!!!!!!"
carl chestang, Charlotte, United States Facebook

"YEah Kit is Dope Tutor.... I've got good feedback from some live shows i've done with it. Sounds nice raw and funky on a big p.a.!"
Lord of Dazastah , Bedford, Australia Soundcloud Twitter

"Loving this series of kits. This one no exception. I can easily get authentic sounding detail using them as is or modify them to fit what I'm working on. Nice to be using natural drum sounds again. Looking forward to / hoping for more like this in the future."
Pilchard (MPC-Forums Member) Home

"I love these multi-sampled packs, the last one (Dirty Drummer) was great and I brought this new one instantly. The quality of the kits and the way the whole thing is put together is very good, great for any type of music really!"
vinyl_junkie_1620 (MPC-Forums Member) Home

"Really nice work Tutor!! Best Live Drum pack out there!! Keep it up man!!"
DJ DanTuf Soundcloud

"Must say this kit and some of the others I have heard MPC Tutor sell are exceptionally good. I don't make hip hop so not much call for these type of sounds but I can tell a superb sound when I hear it.I have all sorts of super duper multisampled kits that came with various software I purchased but I find them all bland and characterless. The stuff here is way better because they ooze large amounts of inspirational character."
Labcoats (MPC-Forums Member) Home

"Tutor has totally changed the game !! I use this so often now, it feels like my own drum kit, I love pushing the sounds in this pack to really bring that tape out, stunning job on this pack. No one else is touching your packs at the moment."

Product FAQs

What is a multisampled drum kit?
Rather than use just one sample for each instrument in a kit, a multisampled drum kit contains multiple recordings of each instrument, all hit with a range of velocities. The sounds are then assigned to MPC drum programs to create a very realistic sounding finger drumming kit that can be used for live performing or for sequencing in your MPC or DAW.
Have you applied compression, effects and EQ to this kit?

Absolutely not! There's millions of over-compressed and over-EQ'd kits out there already, but there's not many that focus on capturing the natural and authentic sound of a vintage drum kit. The only compression you'll find here is the natural compression created by recording to analogue tape.

By not applying additional processing, we've kept this kit as versatile as possible, leaving you to add compression, EQ and effects to suit the song you are working on.

So how do I use this kit?

In the MPC, just select a program file compatible with your MPC model, load it up into your MPC, assign to a sequencer track and start playing, just like any other MPC program. Full installation and usage instructions for each are included with the product.

We've already configured everything for you, but you can also tweak the program parameters, effects and layout to your own unique taste.

So do I need a lot of free memory to run this kit in a legacy MPC?

It's definitely best used on MPCs with at least 32MB of memory available, especially if you want to use the full velocity switched kit. However, we have included a low memory kit (under 6MB), but this only uses a single sample per pad.

Which samplers is this kit for?

The kit programs we provide will work in every MPC from the MPC X/MPC Live through to the MPC2000/XL, including all versions of JJOS. (MPC60/3000 not supported).

Additionally, as the sounds themselves are provided in standard WAV format (16 bit and 24 bit) you can load up the sounds into any modern software or hardware sampler and DAW.

How do I load this into the iMPC Pro iPad app?

The iMPC Pro (iPhone/iPad app) can currently only import WAV files (it doesn't support importing MPC program files), so you will need to transfer the WAV files via iTunes and then manually assign the WAV files to your pads. Akai has full instructions here.

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