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Canedrive Presents: The Synth Bundle (Triple Pack)

Canedrive Presents: The Synth Bundle (Triple Pack)  

Save 30% - Canedrive's entire collection of multisampled analogue synths
$89.97 $62.98 USD
You Save: $26.99 (30.0%)


Save 30%! Push the boundaries of what your MPC is capable of with this stunning triple pack collection from Canedrive, featuring an array of exclusive analogue synth multisamples!

This collection features all keygroup instruments from SP Neptune, Pulse and Waveform-20, with multisample kits fully tailored for MPC Software, MPC5000, MPC4000, MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC500 and JJOS.

Without doubt some of the most advanced and inspiring samplepack collections available for the MPC series. Grab all three packs today and save 30% - exclusively from!

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 31 multisampled instruments with over 100 variants (MPC Software, MPC5000 & MPC4000 versions only)
  • Format: WAV (24 bit and 16 bit)
  • Compatibility: Compatible with MPC Software, MPC5000, MPC4000, MPC1000, MPC500, MPC2500, all versions of JJOS
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Canedrive & Pad Pimps
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $62.98

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Product FAQs

Will multisamples work in my sampler?

Our multisamples work with the following MPC models: MPC Software, MPC5000, MPC1000/2500/500/JJOS, MPC4000, MPC2000/XL. Due to the memory requirements of some programs use, we'd recommend you have at least 16MB of RAM to get the best out of them.

Additionally owners of newer MPCs such as the MPC Software and MPC5000 will have more advanced features available in the multisample programs.

What are multisamples and what can I do with them?

Multisamples involve sampling many notes from an instrument and mapping out these notes into MPC programs - the result is a very realistic recreation of the original instrument mapped out across the pads in your MPC. You can then create your own realistic loops, riffs and solos using only your MPC.

Do I need a MIDI keyboard to play these sounds?

No, we have laid out the programs so that they run in proper chromatic order when played with your pads. So you can use either your pads or a MIDI keyboard, or even both!

How do I transfer files to my MPC?

After purchasing your product, you will be able to download it instantly to any computer or laptop in the form of a standard ZIP file, which can then be extracted simply by double clicking it.

You will end up with a folder containing your files - if you have an MPC5000, MPC1000, MPC2500 or MPC500, these files can then be transferred to your MPC via USB or CF card. If you have an older MPC (e.g. MPC2000XL, MPC4000 etc), they can be transferred via your preferred storage media such as CDROM, Zip, Floppy, CF card etc.

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