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Tombongo Presents: Breaks for Beat Makers

Tombongo Presents: Breaks for Beat Makers

Original live multitrack breaks recorded to 2 inch analogue tape.
$29.99 USD


'Breaks for Beat Makers' is the latest live drum collection from Tombongo featuring 98 perfectly looped multitrack drum breaks performed by drummer Richard Preston at various tempos between 70-120 bpm.

All breaks were recorded at the all-analogue 'Gizzard Recording' facility in London using a 2" tape machine, vintage microphones and classic outboard gear for maximum retro authenticity, along with a number of different drum kits and tunings. All breaks are labelled with their exact tempo and are of course 100% royalty free.

Equipment List:

  • Recording: Studer A80 2" 16 Track Tape Machine, UAD Apollo, Alice Stancoil, 1970's Quadraphonic desk
  • Mics: Calrec 600, shure 545 , calrec CM 100, 10" speaker
  • Drum Kits: Yamaha Club Custom kit, 1960's Gretsch progressive Jazz kit, 1970's Gretsch USA Bop kit
  • Snares: Ludwig 400, Ludwig Black Beauty, Noonan 2 piece brass, Carrera maple
  • Cymbals: vintage Zildjian As and Ks
Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 98 WAV drum breaks plus 392 multitrack stems (kick mic, snare mic, left and right overhead mics)
  • Format: WAV
  • Compatibility: Work with all MPCs and DAWs
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Tombongo
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $29.99

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Product FAQs

Are these completely original breaks?

Yes, completely new, recorded by Richard Preston using authentic equipment and techniques to create a classic 60s/70s funk vibe. They are completely royalty free, so once you've purchased the pack you can use them in your beats as you please, with no sample clearance payments, and no accreditation required.

How do I use multitrack stems?

These are the recordings taken directly from each mic used in the original recording. The kick and snare stems are from mics placed very close to these specific instruments, so for example, the kick stem will feature a much louder and drier kick, while the overhead mics have louder hats and capture more of the room reverberation.

Assign these to their own individual tracks and you can control the mix of the drums - for example, you could increase the kick volume and add a low boost that would only affect the kick drum, leaving the rest of the kit untouched.

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