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The Beat Production Suite

The Beat Production Suite  

Bundle Offer - Save 30%! Learn how to layer drums, mix, compress, EQ and produce beats!
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Special Offer - Save 30% compared to buying each book individually!

Do you dream of being a professional music producer, but no matter how hard you try you cannot get the polished mixes you desire? Do you wish you had instant access to the knowledge of an experienced producer with 20 years of mixing under his belt, someone who can clearly explain both the theory and practice behind creating stunning mixes?

'The Beat Production Suite' is a complete program of 7 in-depth books covering all aspects of mixing and sound design, with a direct focus towards hip hop and EDM production:

  • Mixing Simplified – Mixing isn’t only about panning and level adjustment! Learn how to prepare your studio environment correctly, discover the tools required for a good mix, learn about stereo placement and get to grips with dynamics and effects.
  • Drum Beat Construction - Detailed workshops that cover the A-Z process of getting that elusive 'nod factor' in your beats, including beat slicing techniques, adding texture & movement, 3D motion and stereo width, enhancing groove and vibe, ripping grooves, building tracks from the ground up
  • The Art of Drum Layering – Did you think ‘drum layering’ means just throwing a couple of kicks together in your sampler? Discover the true science and art behind the layering of drum sounds to create your own unique and distinctive percussion sounds. Eddie doesn’t just know the tricks of the trade, he created quite a few new ones! This book goes very deep into drum layering theory and practice – no holds barred!
  • Creative Effects - Sound On Sound Magazine 5 star review! Everything you ever needed to know about using effects, covering all the major effect types applied to a variety of sound sources including vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and piano
  • EQ: Uncovered – fed up aimlessly twiddling eq knobs trying unsuccessfully to get the exact sound you want? Well stop guessing and instead begin to actually understand exactly what the hell EQ is all about – graphic, parametric, paragraphic – you name it, it’s covered in this book!
  • The Low End - remove 'mud', deal with phase and phase cancellation problems, add extra warmth to the low end of a mix, creative and corrective use compressors, how to use automation correctly, how to programme drum parts with real feel
  • The Beat Production Bible – take everything you’ve learned so far from this series and put it all together and produce a pro beat from its raw components. Eq, mixing, compression, effects, vocals, drums, bass and pianos – Eddie covers everything you need to become the complete beat producer.

That's over 1180 pages of in depth production secrets (with screen shots from common audio editors and sequencers), over 1.5GB of audio to show 'before' and 'after' examples clearly covering a wide range of need-to-know audio production skills!

No prior production knowledge is assumed, so it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced producer; there’s something for everyone, in what has to be the most comprehensive and unique audio production tutorial collection on the planet!

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Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Contents: 7 separate ebooks (1184 pages in total)
  • Format: PDF + example audio files in WAV format
  • Compatibility: PC or Mac & any music hardware or software
  • Author: Eddie Bazil
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $83.25

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"I have been having huge difficulties mixing my tunes, relying mainly on guesswork and trial and error. I cannot afford a training course, so I have looked at a lot of books but I have yet to find one on production that covers what I want to know.
And so it has been a wonderful revelation to find your tutorials in the Beat Production Suite. I love your clear and easy to read writing style and the fact that you have thoroughly covered all the subjects I have desperately needed help with. This book will help me vastly improve my tunes without having to tear my hair out over production nightmares! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge."
Fran Tirimo, London UK

"I applied some of the beat making techniques from your (Beat Production Bible) ebook in our recording session today - thank you for a true blue product, we've created our best beat to date. It's refreshing to get some clear, down to earth, instruction to navigate my way through the beat production process. Keep up the good work!"
Marc Blanchard, Signature Sound

"This is TRUTH in music, this is REAL informational MEAT!! I bought EQ'ing and Drum Layering... Beginning producers, it is a must have!! I want to thank your team for sharing the TRUTH which is so many times hidden in the Music Industry..."
Ben Blank

"I must commend you on your efforts. Easy to understand tutorials and great exercises. Simply stunning! It is really helping me get my head around things. Thank you for all your selfless teachings."
Adrian Thomas

"I picked up your production pack and mpc2500 guides, great stuff. Thanks for taking your time and effort to produce these manuals, some serious efforts."
Gert Frobe, Four20

"The Art of Drum Layering is definitely a good tutorial. It's concentrated around different technique of drum layering but it also give you a map to know what will layer with what."
Debergue Olivier, French Guiana

"I've got both the MPC1000 tutorial book and the 'Beat Production Suite'. I like them both a great deal. I have learned a tremendous amount about production and I am only halfway through them!"
John Raven, Happy Valley, USA

"Yeah, copped the 2500 e-book and was so impressed with it i had to get the 'Beat Production Suite', which by the way was a steal."
Kevin Denton, Oakland, USA

"I own 'Beat production 101' and have nothing but great things to say about that book - it opens your eyes to a whole new level of seeing and perceiving things like eq , reverb and pan positions. I try to buy 1 new book on audio a month to read, and everything from this guy has been great reading."
Jason Rodgers, Sonic Labs Audio, Sugarland, USA

"The 'Art of Drum Layering' book is great. Everything is really easy to understand. Nice and simple."
Bryan Medina, Mammouth Lakes, USA

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Product FAQs

What Is An Ebook?

An ebook is an electronic book that you can read on your computer (or on a PDA, mobile phone, ebook reader, etc). Our ebooks also include folders of example files that allow you to recreate the tutorials as you read them. Our ebooks can be downloaded instantly after purchase and can be opened using any free PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader software (most PCs already have this installed), or the built in 'Preview' PDF reader found in all Macs, iPhones and iPads.

How do I use this book?

First, open up the ebook in your computer - it reads just like any standard book. Inside you'll find a number of chapters which contain step-by-step tutorials. Each chapter comes with example files, so as you progress through a particular tutorial, load up the tutorial sounds in your computer sequencing/editing software (e.g. Soundforge, Cubase, etc) and recreate the examples step-by-step.

Do I need specific software installed on my computer to use this book?

No, the principles discussed in the book will work with any sequencing or sample editing software.

What kind of picture quality do these videos have?

All tutorial videos are high quality, 720p HD and can be played back on any computer, tablet and smartphone. We use either MP4 or MOV format, which can be played back using popular free media players such as Quicktime, VLC, and iTunes.

Can I get these videos on DVD?

As with all products on, these videos are download-only - this not only gives you fast access to your purchases, it also means that if you lose your videos, you can come back and simply download them again. It's also more environmentally friendly!

Is this ebook available in paper format?

No, this ebook is only available in digital (format, which can be read on all computers and most portable media devices, such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and ebook readers. If you need a paper copy, you can of course print the book directly from your computer, or for our larger books, through stores such as Staples and Kinkos.

Can I make backup copies of my ebook?

Yes, once downloaded it's just like any other computer file and can be copied to a back up disk.

Is this book only for MPC users?

No, this book has been written for ANY music producer, regardless of the equipment or software used, and any principle explained in this book can be used with any hardware or software you may have. 

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