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Timmy Rickard Presents: Dirty Drum Breaks Vol 2.5

Timmy Rickard Presents: Dirty Drum Breaks Vol 2.5

More dope vintage breaks from drummer Timmy Rickard.
$24.99 USD


Dirty Drum Breaks volume 2.5 is the third instalment in the legendary series of samplepacks from drummer Timmy Rickard, with over 100 fat, vintage-style breaks – all completely original and 100% royalty free.

Played and engineered by Timmy Rickard with a high quality recording chain of analog gear and vintage drums, all 112 breaks contain his signature warm tone, thumping low end and authentic vibe, covering a wide range of tempos (82-118 BPM).

With Dirty Drum Breaks Vol 2.5, Timmy proves yet again why he is without question, the premier producer of high calibre break collections on the market today, making this a must-have for any true break beat-junkie!


  • 60’s Gretsch Kit
  • Bosphorus cymbals
  • 2 x Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic
  • API Preamps
  • RME Converters
  • Cartec Audio EQP­1A
  • BAE 10DC Compressor
Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 112 WAV format drum loops
  • Format: 16 bit WAV
  • Compatibility: Works with all hardware & software that can read 16 bit WAV files
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Monosole Music/100 Akres
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $24.99

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Product FAQs

Will these drum breaks work in my sampler?

These breaks work in ANY sampler or software that reads WAV files.

Are these new and original breaks?

Yes, completely new, recorded using authentic equipment and techniques to create a classic 60s/70s vintage vibe. They are completely royalty free, so once you've purchased the pack you can use them in your beats as you please, with no sample clearance payments, and no accreditation required.

What equipment was used to record these drums?

The recording chain included:

  • 60′s Gretsch round badge kit
  • Handcrafted Bosphorus cymbals
  • Coles 4038 ribbon mic
  • API preamp
  • RME converters
  • Drum sticks…

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