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Timmy Rickard Presents: Dirty Drum Breaks Vol 2

Timmy Rickard Presents: Dirty Drum Breaks Vol 2

The king of live vintage drum breaks is back!
$24.99 USD


Timmy Rickard is back with a vengeance in Dirty Drum Breaks Vol 2, another funk-fuelled instalment of fat, vintage-style breaks!

If you have volume 1 you know just how good Timmy’s breaks are; his grooves are tight, his breaks are a complete joy to chop and his production style is a mouthwatering blend of cool vintage tone and contemporary bottom end - in a nutshell, Timmy Rickard creates drum breaks that you would think were sampled from vinyl.

In this collection you’ll find him hard at work with even more high quality analog gear, producing breaks oozing with warmth, character and grit - all traditionally recorded using a single overhead microphone for true mono drum breaks with more punch, more clarity and more presence, for that completely authentic retro sound. Here's some of the breaks from the pack:

In total there are 98 completely original live drum breaks performed on Timmy’s favourite 60s Gretsch kit over a variety of tempos from 81 to 119 BPM featuring a number of different snare tunings and dampings throughout to spice things up even further. All breaks are 100% royalty free and compatible with any sampler that reads WAV files.

Go on – you know your sampler deserves it. Available to download instantly after purchase.


  • 60’s Gretsch Kit
  • Bosphorus cymbals
  • Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic
  • API Preamps
  • RME Converters
  • Cartec Audio EQP­1A
  • BAE 10DC Compressor
Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 98 WAV format drum loops
  • Format: 16 bit WAV
  • Compatibility: Works with all hardware & software that can read 16 bit WAV files
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Monosole Music/100 Akres
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $24.99

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"I was never someone to buy "library stuff"...UNTIL NOW! Dirty Drum Breaks vol.1 and vol.2 are just Dope! Great job."
DJ Supreme, MPC-Forums Member

"Timmy used the same recording chain that gave vol 1 it’s now famous raw, robust characteristics; reminiscent of a smoky underground jazz lounge in London...These are a fine collection of expertly crafted loops brought to us by a man passionate about sound quality and the 'golden era' of music."
Beatz Galore,

Product FAQs

Will these drum breaks work in my sampler?

These breaks work in ANY sampler or software that reads WAV files.

Are these new and original breaks?

Yes, completely new, recorded using authentic equipment and techniques to create a classic 60s/70s vintage vibe. They are completely royalty free, so once you've purchased the pack you can use them in your beats as you please, with no sample clearance payments, and no accreditation required.

What equipment was used to record these drums?

The recording chain included:

  • 60′s Gretsch round badge kit
  • Handcrafted Bosphorus cymbals
  • Coles 4038 ribbon mic
  • API preamp
  • RME converters
  • Drum sticks…

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