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The Infinity Drum Layering Kit

The Infinity Drum Layering Kit

A drum kit with sounds specifically engineered for drum layering.
$29.99 USD

Description is proud to present drum kit innovation at its most cutting edge ‘The Infinity Kit’, the only MPC & Maschine drum kit in existence to feature drum sounds specifically tailor-made for drum layering.

By utilizing advanced waveform processing and selective frequency shaping, all the sounds in the collection can be freely combined together without experiencing any frequency clashes or phasing, no matter how many sounds you combine. The end result is the effortless creation of bigger, deeper and fatter drum sounds with an infinite number of layering variations!

Inside the collection are 192 layer-ready drum sounds including 48 snares, 48 kicks, 48 hats and 48 claps & snaps. As an additional bonus, we’ve included a collection of pre-configured kits which load contain a total of 512 different layer combinations mapped out across your pads with scope for thousands more.

You can quickly build you own custom layers can be quickly built up within the MPC Software/MPC1000/2500/500/5000 simply by loading multiple sounds into memory, selecting a pad and assigning different sounds to the individual pad layers (4 layers per pad in Akai OS, 3 layers per pad in JJOS ‘XL’). In the MPC4000, you simply assign your different samples to 'Zones' (4 per pad). In the MPC2000/XL/3000/60, you can use the SIMULT function to assign up to 3 sounds per pad. Maschine users can layer sounds using the 'Map' function in the 'Sampler' section.

Simply experiment until you find a layer combination you like; there’s no need for any special processing and no horrible phase problems, no matter how many sounds you layer together this is how easy drum layering should be.

‘The Infinity Kit’ is an adaptation of Eddie Bazil’s ‘DruMM’ Kontakt module, a 9/10 MusicTech Magazine award winner:

“An excellent series of drum samples with a layering approach that yields incredibly deep and large-sounding drums.” MusicTech Magazine, April 2012

This collection works with all MPCs, all versions of JJOS and Maschine 1.8/2.x.

Sound to good to be true? Download the demo and inside you’ll find plenty of example layers that highlight just how unique and ground-breaking this collection is.

‘The Infinity Kit’ is a new dawn for drum layering junkies, giving you a endless supply of perfectly combined, hassle free drum layers whenever you need them. Available exclusively on for instant download after purchase!

This product is part of a series - buy the entire collection & save $20.00

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 192 drum and percussion - 48 snares, 48 hats, 48 kicks, 48 claps & snaps
  • Format: Contains WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds and PGM files that auto-assign the sounds across the pads.
  • Compatibility: All MPC models, all versions of JJOS, NI Maschine and any software sampler and DAW.  Will this work with my sampler?
  • Sound Design/Publisher: Eddie Bazil
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $29.99

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The following reviews are for both volumes of the Infinity Kit and the original DruMM Kontakt module the sounds are adapted from.

"[The collection features] mid-side processing, phase cancellation, polarity inverting, and other sorts of audio ninjitsu to the drums so they all layer perfectly together with no artefacts or distortion (unless you want to add some distortion!). This makes the created thick drum sounds very easy and quick to tweak!"
Saint Joe, Sounds And Gear review, Dec 2011

"An excellent series of drum samples with a layering approach that yields incredibly deep and large-sounding drums."
MusicTech Magazine, April 2012

"The kicks have a good punch to them, the claps are nice and snappy, the hi-hats are very clean sounding. I'm not a drum pro or anything, but I know the difference from garbage (i.e. the so called 'producers kits' on e-bay) and this.

I do recommend this kit to all are looking a real good drum kit."


"I can't say enough good things about these drums. It's great fun to experiment with creating new sounds and the results are always different but sound just great.

The Infinity Kit is the kind of kit I wish I'd developed myself, and could keep a secret and everyone would wonder how I did my drums. It's too much fun trying new things and not having to worry about phasing. Thanks tutor for bringing these out man!"


"just bought this kit. really good for the price - sounds great man :)"

Product FAQs

Will the Infinity Kit work with my sampler?

The Infinity Drum Layering Kit is optimized for all MPCs

  • MPC5000/MPC2500/MPC1000/MPC500/MPC Renaissance: WAV with layered PGMs, works with Akai and JJOS.
  • MPC4000: WAV, with zoned AKP
  • MPC2000/XL/3000/60: SND with SIMULT PGMs
How do I build the layers?

Just load up some sounds into memory, select an empty pad. MPC1000/2500/500/5000/4000: assign the first sample to 'Layer (or Zone) 1' on that pad. Now select 'Layer/Zone 2' and begin scrolling through all the samples in memory while pressing the pad to preview the sounds being created. If you wish, add further samples to the other layers available on your pad.

MPC2000/XL/3000/60: Assign a sound to A1 and then assign a different sound to A2. On A1, set 'Mode' to SIMULT and then set 'Also Play Note' to 37 (A2). You can then change the sample on A2 to experiment with different sound combinations with A1.

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Buy The Complete Samplepack Series & Save $20.00
Why not buy 'The Infinity Kit Vol 1 & 2'? This contains both samplepacks in this series and saves you $20.00 compared to buying each samplepack individually!
The Infinity Kit Vol 1 & 2 contains the following 2 samplepacks:
  • The Infinity Drum Layering Kit
  • The Infinity Drum Layering Kit Vol 2
Buy Separately: $59.99
Buy Together: $39.99
You Save: $20.00 (33%)
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