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Sound of the Underground - Special Edition

Sound of the Underground - Special Edition  

Updated to include the DJ Shadow pack! Save 50% - Over 2700 drum sounds inspired by the greats: Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, DJ Shadow & RZA.
$239.99 $119.99 USD
You Save: $120.00 (50.0%)


Now Includes the 'Inspired By DJ Shadow' pack - Save 50% plus exclusive bonus sounds!!!

'The Sound of the Underground' is the ultimate underground hip hop drum collection, containing 6 packs from our hugely successful 'Inspired By' Series,  focusing on the sounds of the most influential underground producers ever - Pete Rock, DJ Shadow, RZA,  DJ Premier and Dilla.

This collection consists of all the drums sounds, kits and beat sequences from the following 'Inspired By' packs:

  • Cut & Paste Mixology (Inspired By DJ Shadow)
  • Deconstructed Rhythm (Inspired By Dilla)
  • Creative Force (Inspired by RZA)
  • True Essence (Inspired By DJ Premier)
  • Hip Hop Evolution (Inspired By Pete Rock)
  • East Coast Phat (Inspired by the East Coast sound)

Plus we've included an exclusive bonus drum pack of 200 drums, available only when you buy this collection!

That's a whopping 2747 fat hip hop drum samples in one download, including hundreds of pro-quality kicks, snares, hats, claps, and percussion sounds inspired by the masters of underground hip hop production!

And don't forget that the Shadow, RZA, Dilla, Premier and Rock inspired packs all contain a total of 96 ready-made drum kits, plus 60 beat sequences that you can load up into your MPC, giving you instant access to ready-sequenced beats with real-time interchangeable sounds.

Want to hear some actual sounds from the collection? The product demo contains a selection of drum and percussion sounds from all the packs, ready to load up and manipulate in your sampler!

Fresh hip hop drum samples inspired by the sounds of legends - that's 2747 ready-tweaked and layered hip hop drum sounds organised into an extensive drum library, including 80 ready-made drum kits and beat sequences, suitable for all MPCs, JJOS and Maschine - available to download instantly after purchase.

This '50% Off' Special Offer Will End Very Soon!!

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 2747 drum samples including 480 kicks, 480 snares, 480 hats, 608 clap, percussion & fx samples, 80 drum kits and 60 pre-programmed beat sequences, and 200 bonus drum sounds
  • Format: Contains WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds and PGM files that auto-assign the sounds across the pads.
  • Compatibility: All MPC models, all versions of JJOS, NI Maschine and any software sampler and DAW.  Will this work with my sampler?
  • Sound Design/Publisher: Eddie Bazil
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $119.99

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"What up fam? I love these drums, they get madd use on my albums and production for clients. Every since I bought the inspired by kits I use them drums for layering and making drums I bought from other sites sound better! I been goin through all the beats I have already done and adding these drums and in some cases just replacing the drums I had with these. I am definately looking forward to the beat producer collection. Thanks again."
Ahmad Washington, MovementUP Music Group Soundcloud Twitter Youtube

"Hey Guys I wanted to personnelly let you know that this is the place that I will be purchasing all my samples especially drum kits,man! 4 real, My business partna said that these sounds where so professional. That means alot to me period. I reccomend anyone doing music to get their sample from, Great Job Guys! "
DJ-T, Tulsa, United States

"First off, I just want to say I LOVE THE DRUM SOUNDS ON YOUR SITE! Im an up and coming underground Hip-Hop producer, and I've always wanted and needed good drums. I've spent countless hours mixing drums and trying to find the right sound for them....and then I came across your website. Long story short, I ordered The Sound of the Underground from you guys and have LOVED THEM ever since. Always a fan, customer, and lover of your drum samples."
Christopher McNeal, El Paso, United States

Product FAQs

Will this work with my sampler?

The sounds in this pack are provided in both WAV and MPC SND format, making it compatible with all MPC models, all versions of JJOS, NI Maschine, and all software samplers and DAWs (e.g. Kontakt, Battery, Logic, Cubase, Reason etc).

Any included PGM files will auto-load your sounds across the pads in all MPCs as well as NI Maschine.

Do you use unique sounds in all your packs?

Yes, most definitely. Each time we create a new product, we sit down and create/record all sounds for that pack entirely from scratch, so it is impossible for us to repeat identical sounds across different products in our catalogue.

How old are your sample packs - are the sounds fresh?

We are constantly creating new drum packs with fresh, modern sounds, while at the same time 'phase out' any older products that are past their shelf-life. We don't want to sell our customers 'old' sounds, so you can be confident that any pack you buy will have the most up-to-date hip hop drum sounds available.

What gear do you use to create your sounds?

We have an extensive collection of classic and modern studio equioment including a Neve Mixing Desk, two Urie 1176, Chiswick Reach, Pheonix Compressor, Manely Massive, Various Akai MPCs, Emu SP1200 and an exhaustic array of hardware and digital signal processors (too many to list!). Plus for many packs we utilize local recording studios and musicians to get the signature sound we need.

Do your drum samples work in any other samplers or software?

Yes! Our packs all contain WAV files which will load into all DAWs, software samplers, Maschine, Kontakt, Battery and many hardware samplers.

Does this drum pack also contain the bass and fx sounds I hear in the demo?

No, this is just a drum sample pack - all our demos contain additional production to help you hear just how these drums sit within a full mix. Please check the technical specifications to see exactly what is included in this pack.

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