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MPC Multisample

MPC Multisample  

Bundle: Save 40%! - Turn your MPC into a virtual instrument with our entire MPC multisample collection!
$74.99 $44.99 USD
You Save: $30.00 (40.0%)


Bundle Offer: Save 40% and get 4 bonus guitar multisample programs completely FREE! Now includes JJOS Instrument programs, MPC5000 keygroup programs and MPC Software XPM programs (compatible with MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio & MPC Element)!

Do you want to turn you MPC into a virtual string orchestra? How about cranking out the warm sounds of an authentic 70s Rhodes piano? Fancy laying down some realistic electric bass lines?

With 'MPC Multisample' you'll have the capability of creating authentic musical riffs, loops and solos for your beats, all from the comfort of your own MPC. Just pick the sound you want, load up the program file and you'll have your own virtual session player trapped inside your MPC beat box!

'MPC Multisample' features  26 MPC mutlisample programs from's multisample catalogue, in addition to 4 exclusive bonus guitar programs not currently available anywhere else on the site! Here's the full list of instruments inside this collection:

  • Jazz Piano - A cool, laid back jazzy piano sound sampled over 5 octaves.  
  • Grand Piano - A classical sounding piano sampled over 5 octaves.  
  • Rhodes - Classic rhodes sound sampled over 4 octaves.  
  • Wurlitzer - The 'other' classic electric piano sound sampled over 4 octaves
  • Dirty EP - an old, dirty electric piano sampled over 4 octaves
  • Jazz Bass : The classic Fender Jazz bass featuring multisamples at 4-5 notes per octave.  
  • Sine Bass: Massive low, low sub bass on this one - it also takes up only 140k of memory!  
  • Thumb Bass: Deep and low sounding bass sampled at 3 notes per octave.  
  • Picked: Classic sound of the picked electric bass. Sampled at 3 notes per octave.  
  • Finger Bass: Finger style electric bass samples with 4 notes per octave
  • Solid Bass: Nice and solid sounding electric bass - I use this one a lot in my own tracks. Sampled at 4 notes per octave.
  • Fretless Bass: Very smooth and laid back fretless bass sampled at 5 notes per octave.
  • Dub Bass: A deep, dubby sounding bass guitar sampled at 4 notes per octave. 
  • Cuban Bass: Authentic Cuban bass sampled at 3 notes per octave.
  • Smooth Bass: A smooth electric bass sampled at 4 notes per octave.
  • Orchestral Bass: An orchestral acoustic bass with a very clean tone, sampled at 3 - 4 notes per octave.
  • Solo Violin - georgeous solo violin, multisampled over 2.5 octaves
  • Solo Cello - brooding and low, multisampled over 2.5 octaves
  • Full String Ensemble - lush strings, multisampled over 4 octaves
  • Plucked Bass - Picked bass with long sustain, multisampled over 3.5 octaves
  • Bowed Contra Bass - ultra low, bowed bass, multisampled over 2.5 octaves
  • Cello Ensemble - deep strings, multisampled over 3 octaves
  • Classical Guitar - 4 octave, nylon strung acoustic for classical and spanish guitar sounds
  • 60's Fender Strat Guitar - Vintage strat with deep tones
  • Steel String Acoustic Guitar - Crisp acoustic guitar sounds
  • Semi-Acoustic Jazz Guitar - Lots of lows and mid-tones on this vintage sounding Jazz semi-acoustic.

'MPC Multisample' is the perfect solution for any hip hop producer looking to move beyond using sampled loops and instead experiment creating his own unique and realistic hooks and fills. Suitable for Akai MPC 1000, MPC 500, MPC 2500, MPC5000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 2000 & MPC 4000 and available for download instantly after purchase.

All programs now available as 'instrument' programs (INST) for the advanced  'JJ' operating systems (JJ OS2, XL and 2XL), MPC5000 keygroup programs (.50k) and XPM programs for the MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio! Just select the required format from the 'Choose Format' select box above.

Technical Specification:

Technical Specifications

  • Samples: 26 multisampled programs - 12 bass, 4 guitar, 6 string, 5 piano in standard MPC PGM format, JJ 'Instrument' format and MPC5000 keygroups (.50k)
  • Format: Contains WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds and PGM files that auto-assign the sounds across the pads.
  • Compatibility: All MPCs and all versions of JJOS
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.
  • Price: $44.99

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"I bought the multi samples collection key, guitar, bass, strings - turns your mpc into a full band - it's cool!"
BG Beats,

"Great Service, Great Product - Appreciate it!"
Linus Bernal

"just purchased the multisample collection – they sound great!"
Joachim Kasper

"I have the multisample package and I love the sounds - they sound so real."
Jared Z

Product FAQs

What are multisamples and what can I do with them?

Multisamples involve sampling many notes from an instrument and mapping out these notes into MPC programs - the result is a very realistic recreation of the original instrument mapped out across the pads in your MPC. You can then create your own realistic loops, riffs and solos using only your MPC.

How easy is it to use multisamples in my MPC?

Very easy. Just load up a mulisample program just like you would any other program. Now just bash the pads and create your own unique loops and solos! And if you prefer playing with a MIDI keyboard, no problem - just connect the keyboard MIDI out to the MPC MIDI in and play the keyboard keys - your realistic multisample sounds will be output from your MPC (we've even re-ordered all pads so they match standard chromatic order on keyboards).

Will multisamples work in my sampler?

Our multisamples are work with all MPCs, but due to the memory many of the program use, we'd recommend you have at least 16MB of RAM to get the best out of them.

Additionally, if you have a newer MPC (MPC1000 or newer), you'll have more advanced features available in the multisample programs.

Are these multisamples looped?

Yes, where appropriate we've looped the samples to allow infinite sustain - this means you can play a chord or note and have it play for as long you hold down the pad. 

Do you add effects to your multisamples?

Definitely not. It is important that professional multisamples are presented 'dry', with no delay effects (e.g. reverb, chorus, delay etc). This ensures you have maximum control over the multsamples, leaving you to add whatever effects you wish to your multisample performances.

What about that lush chorus I hear on the Rhodes demo?

This was added to the entire Rhodes program during final tracking of the demo - we simply used the standard internal effects of the MPC for this (chorus and tremolo). As we keep all multisamples dry, you are free to add whatever effects you wish to get the exact sound you need for your beat.

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